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Immersive Tech

My Role

Investor / CEO / Partner


Immersive Tech designs and builds fully interactive, narrative driven, and technological experiences that make you feel as if you really are the hero saving the world. Through a combination of video game design, waterpark engineering, and movie set quality set design, we built a world-class showroom in downtown Vancouver called G.U.E.S.S. HQ (Gastown Underground Elite Secret Society), and received consistently positive reviews.


In addition to being available to the general public, we also facilitated corporate events with certified team building experts to help create quantifiable value out of a fun team event.


The facility was a total 5,000 square feet, and is filled with lasers, moving panels, hydraulics, digital interfaces and secret passageways. Unlike the competition, we specifically avoided repetitive math or logic puzzles, and instead focused on making the experience a thrilling adventure.


Beyond just being an investor, I defined the branding of the company, as well as all outward facing materials from the website, marketing and social media. At times this also extends to even talking about our story.